Pipe Burst Repair


The pipes found in Singapore area homes are designed to withstand a considerable amount of pressure and force, and they are also designed to provide a homeowner with many years of hassle-free use. However, there are a number of different types of events that can result in a burst pipe. If you have recently discovered that a pipe burst in your home, you may be wondering what you can do to overcome this challenge. Without immediate pipe burst repair service in Singapore, your home could easily become significantly damaged through water damage and even possible mold growth. We are the Singapore plumbing company to contact at the first sign that you need pipe burst repair service.

The Causes of a Burst Pipe
Understanding the different events that could cause a pipe burst could help you to minimize the risk of this type of event happening. Nobody wants to pay for plumbing services if they can be avoided, and the costs of repairing damage caused by a leaking pipe can be just as significant or even more costly. Pipes can become damaged outside the home when tree roots grow into the pipes or when the ground settles. Avoiding planting trees next to underground pipes can minimize the risk of damage to your home’s plumbing features. In addition, older pipes may become weakened over time, and cold weather can cause pipes to stress when water freezes inside of them.

The First Steps to Take
At the first sign of a pipe burst issue in your home, you should immediately turn off the main source of water leading to the pipe itself or to the entire home. The fact is that the water will need to be turned off to make the repair, and turning off the water supply now can minimize the possibility that addition water damage is done to your home. You should then contact our office for immediate repair service for your pipe burst issue. While you wait for our plumbing professionals to arrive, take steps to remove the water from the home. If there is a considerable amount of water or if water has penetrated into the drywall, you may consider contacting a remediation company for professional assistance. The faster that the standing water is removed and the home is dried out, the less significant the water damage may be. Furthermore, the less significant risk there may be for mold growth to develop.

Why Choose Professional Repair Services
In many local hardware and home improvement stores, you may find numerous products and tools designed to help you make pipe burst repairs on your own. However, there are significant benefits that you can enjoy by using professional plumbing services for this. A professional plumber can accurately determine the precise location where the pipe burst, and this is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with a pipe burst issue deep in your walls. Without using professional diagnostic tools, you may be forced to cut away large sections of drywall, causing unnecessary damage to your home. In addition, professional repairs are completed using quality materials and proven techniques. This is the best way to ensure that the repair is completed quickly and that it is completed right the first time.

As soon as you discover signs of a pipe burst in your home, you need to contact a professional plumber for assistance. Our plumbing company has been providing fast pipe leak repair service with proven results for pipe burst services in Singapore for many years, and we are the company to trust with your urgent repair issue today. To set up your appointment with our office, call us today.

Stop a Leaking Pipe


The discovery of a leaking pipe in your home is never pleasant, and this is because you likely are well aware of the damage that this type of repair issue can cause. With a leaking pipe, water will continue to drip or even gush out of the pipe until the damaged area has been repaired. This means that surfaces like your drywall, carpeting, cabinetry, furnishings and more may become moist or even saturated with water. When the areas remain moist for more than a day or two, there is an increased likelihood that mold growth will also develop and cause additional damage. In addition, you may experience the added cost of an inflated water bill due to wasted water until the leaking pipe is repaired.

The Most Important Step to Take
When you discover a leaking pipe in your home, the most important step that you should take immediately is to stop the flow of water. This is most quickly and easily done by turning off the water supply to the area. Depending on the location of the leak, you may be able to turn one of the supply valves in your home to the office position. For example, if the leaking pipe is located directly under a sink, there is usually a supply valve under the sink that will shut off the water to this localized area. The other option is to shut off the water supply to the entire home. By doing so, you will shut off access to water that may be used for bathing, cooking, cleaning, flushing the toilet and more. The water supply should remain off until the leaking pipe is repaired, so the next step to take is to repair the pipe.

DIY Self Repair

Most repair work with external pipes that are leak can be solved by two methods

  1. replacing a leaking pipe (Click link to read on this method or
  2. By using epoxy to seal the pipe.

For the epoxy method, all you have to do is buy epoxy from your hardware store nearby. After getting the epoxy, you will notice it is made of 2 rolls of epoxy in different colors usually. Follow the instruction on the epoxy and mix them well. You will end up getting something like a plaster cine just like what kids play with. Use the mixed epoxy to plaster over the hole in the pipe. Make sure to press the epoxy into the hole to seal it tightly and than surround the entire pipe.

It will probably take around 2 hours or more for it to dry depending on the epoxy that is bought. Upon drying the epoxy will feel like cement, sealing up the hole that was causing the leak.

Professional Repair Services
When you are dealing with a leaking pipe in your home, the best step to take is to call our company for professional plumbing services. Professional pipe leak repair services are important because they can resolve your issue accurately and with precision. You want to ensure that the leak is repaired right the first time, and professional plumbers utilize proven skills and techniques to repair the issue.

Furthermore, if the leaking pipe is located in a hidden location behind a wall, a plumber can also use advanced diagnostic services to determine the location of the leak with accuracy. Altogether, you will find that professional plumbing services can be used to repair a leaking pipe with considerable speed and accuracy. Plumbers will arrive at your home quickly to repair the damage, but while you wait for help to arrive, you can consider trying to remove some of the water or moisture from the home. Depending on the location of the leak, this may be done with towels, a mop, a fan or other items. If there is a considerable amount of standing water, you may call a water remediation company after requesting plumbing service from our company.

A leaking pipe with a slow drip can seem like a minor problem, but even a slow drip can result in the expense of wasted water and can cause a great deal of damage to a home if not dealt with in the appropriate manner. While your first step to take when dealing with a leaking pipe should be to turn off the water supply to the home, your next step to take should be to call our office to schedule repair. We are the local Singapore plumbing company that many homeowners have been using for professional assistance for years, and we can help you to overcome this challenge with speed and with affordable rates.

Replacing a Leaking Pipe


The discovery of a leaking pipe can strike any home owner with fear and dread. As a home owner, you may understand the significant amount of damage that a leaking pipe can cause, and you may be wondering what steps you can take to get the pipe repaired quickly and with minimal cost to you. While some home owners may decide to make a leaking pipe repair on their own, the fact is that the best way to repair a damaged pipe is to call our office for assistance. There are a few key benefits that you can enjoy when you allow our professionals to assist with your repair needs.

The Damage That A Leaky Pipe Can Cause
Some leaking pipes will have a slow drip, and others may be gushing water out across your floor. Because pipes are generally concealed behind drywall or underneath cabinets, both slower and more significant leaks can result in damage to cabinetry, drywall, flooring, furniture and more. The longer the water remains in the home, the more likely additional damage from mold growth may be to develop. The fact is that a leaking pipe could result in the need for plumbing repairs, but it also could result in the need to replace drywall, furnishings and more in your home. The best way to repair a leaky pipe is to utilize a method that is fast and reliable.


Fast, Quality Service
When you initially discover signs that you have a leaking pipe, you should take steps to stop the flow of water from the pipe until repairs can be made. With a slow leak inside a cabinet, simply placing a bucket beneath the drip may be sufficient. However, with most types of leaks, you may need to turn off the main source of water to the home. Until help arrives and the leaking pipe repair has been made, it is important for you to keep the water supply to the pipe turned off. Because we can provide fast, quality service that results in the immediate repair of the leak, we are the company to trust for the best results.

Affordable Rates
Some homeowners who are interested in saving money on their repairs may think about making the repairs on their own. However, in many cases, locating the precise location of the leak is necessary, and a professional plumber can utilize advanced diagnostic tools to locate the leaking pipe location. This can save time with the repairs and minimize the need to cut away sections of the drywall searching for the leak visually. In addition, with professional repair services, you can rest assured that the repair will be made right the first time. The last thing you want to contend with is the possibility that the repair is not made correctly with the initial attempt. When this happens, the leak may continue until the repair is made correctly. Because we offer affordable rates, using our service for a leaking pipe repair makes the most sense.

Steps to Replacing a Leaking Pipe:

  1. Switch Off your water supply
  2. Prepare a 2 Joint connector, a saw and additional copper pipes (usually this is what is used in most homes in Singapore)
  3. Use the saw to cut of the leaking portion
  4. Measure the distance of the cut portion and cut a similar piece from the replacement copper pipe
  5. attach the joint to both end of the replacement copper pipe
  6. Attach one end of the joint (with the replacement pipe in place) to the original piping
  7. For the other end use a spanner to force the pipe to fit in.
  8. Once done tighten all areas.
  9. Switch on the water supply and check for leaks. (if there is use white tap to tighten)

The above mentioned steps can be used for a pipe burst repair too since the steps for both are very much similar.

If you have discovered the need to replace a leaking pipe in your home and are wondering what your options are, the best option available is to contact our office for assistance with our pipe leak repair service. We are committed to helping you make all repairs with speed and with quality results, and we also offer highly competitive rates for all plumbing services. Because a damaged pipe can result in the expense of water waste coupled with property damage related to water and mold growth, the best step that you can take is to call our office for leaking pipe repair services at the first sign of a repair issue.

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