Quotation and Assessment

As per any other company in the market, we are unable to give you an exact price over the phone without looking at the repair itself. We would like to however offer you a free no obligation quote for your problem. In other words, you can have a technician of ours over at your place to look at for example, your choked toilet bowl. Based on the procedure to clear the choke, our technician would be able to give you a price. Only if you are agreeable to the price would the repair start.

To schedule a onsite inspection call us at 9616 6035.

What if i do not agree to the price?

The free assessment services has been discontinued as at 01/10/2013. Below is the updated transport charges.

Full range of transport charges

  • 7am – 8pm: $20
  • 8pm – 9pm: $20-$40
  • 9pm – 10pm:$30-$50
  • 10 pm onwards: $40 onwards

With the exception to:

Commercial building, areas withing CBD , sentosa island, water heater and concealed piping repairs Рtransport charge of $20-40 onwards(instead of $10) or higher depending on the timing and job requirement.

The rates are subjected to changes depending on the work to be done and our call operator will inform you of the transport charges before sending a technician down to ensure fair practice to our customers.

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