cost and pricing

Below is an estimate range for the prices of our plumbing services (includes parts and installation). The price is an estimation base on experience and can be lower or higher. It should only be taken as a guide. For an exact price, do call us for an appointment so as to schedule a onsite inspection at 9616 6035.

  1. Clearing of chokages: $100 – $ 200 onwards
  2. Replacement of sinks: $200 onwards
  3. Replacement of toiletbowl: $350 onwards
  4. Replacement of instant water heater: $200 onwards
  5. Replacement of storage water heater: $450 onwards
  6. Concealed pipe leak: $500 onwards
  7. Conversion of Squatting to Sitting toilet or vice versa: $400 onwards
  8. Installation of water meter: $750 onwards
  9. Estimated labour cost only: $70 onwards

For more information do give our friendly support staff a call at 9616 6035


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