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Water heater repair and installation

In almost every home, a hot water heater has been installed that provides the home’s residents with the ability to draw hot water on demand. This hot water may be delivered to the residents by simply turning on the tap at the faucet, in the bathtub, in the shower and in other locations. We are a full-service plumbing company that has been helping Singapore area residents with all of their plumbing needs for years, and we have considerable experience with the water heater repair and installation services. If you believe that your storage or instant heater requires repair or replacement services, our dependable professionals can help.

The Importance of Your Home’s Hot Water Heater
We are a plumbing company that understands the important role your hot water heater plays in your home. When your heater is not functioning well or at all, you may be forced to take freezing cold showers or baths. Cooking and cleaning can be challenging, and you may struggle to use common household appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. It may be true that people once lived without a hot water heater in their home for countless centuries, but this is a modern convenience that most homeowners would not want to live without. Because we understand how important your hot water heater is in your home, we strive to provide each of our valued customers with a prompt response to their request for service and professional results for each service we provide.

Is Your Hot Water Heater Broken?
One of the most common requests we receive regarding hot water heaters relates to a broken heater that needs repairs. There are many signs that you may notice that can indicate the need for a water heater repair. For example, any time you notice a smaller or larger amount of water coming from a potential leak in your system, you should contact our office immediately for fast repair service. While a leak may or may not interfere with your ability to draw hot water from the heating system, it may result in property damage and water waste. Of course, not every repair issue involves a leak. A water heater may also have damaged internal components that can cause the water to heat up slowly or not at all. This can result in cold or lukewarm water from the system rather than hot water. Additional signs of a broken heater involve odorous water or colored water. If you have noticed these or any other signs that your heater is not functioning as it has in the past, it is time to call for a professional inspection of the system and water heater repair services.

Should You Schedule a Repair or Replacement?
There are certain instances when a water heater repair are needed, but some homeowners may wonder if it would be better to simply replace a broken heater with a new model. For example, if you have been thinking about making an upgrade to an energy efficient tankless heater or if you have an older system that may be running on its last leg, you may be thinking about making a replacement. When one of our plumbers visits your home, you can learn more about the repair issues that are present with your current model and the cost of the repairs. During that meeting, we can also provide you with more information about the cost and benefits of making an upgrade. With this information, you can most easily make a decision about a repair or replacement that is best suited for your home and your budget.

How Making an Upgrade Can Benefit You
For some homeowners, there may be considerable benefits that you can enjoy by making an upgrade. If your system is rather new, repairing the system may be your best option. This may be particularly true if your current model is still under warranty. However, if your system is older or is no longer keeping up with the demands in your home, an upgrade may be a great solution. A newer model can be installed that is more energy efficient, that takes up less space in the home and that has the improved functional ability to keep up with your demands for hot water. An upgrade may be more costly than a repair, but many homeowners will enjoy considerable long-term benefits by making this investment.

Storage Water Heaters
There are two main types of heaters that are found in homes today. A storage tank heater is perhaps the most common model, and this is the model that has been traditionally used in homes for years. This model is designed to hold water in a tank and to heat that stored water to a certain temperature. Water that is demanded in the home is pulled from this tank. These models are known for being more affordable to purchase, but they have drawbacks. For example, they can waste energy unnecessarily, may run out of water and take up a considerable amount of space in the home. Common problems with such heaters includes leaks in the water heater storage tank itself or damaged heating element.

Instant or Tankless Water Heaters
The other model of water heater that you may find is a tankless water heater. These models are becoming more common as homeowners become increasingly aware of their benefits. They are designed to heat water on demand as needed in the home, so there is no energy waste associated with them. Furthermore, there is never a concern that hot water will simply run out. However, when multiple sources are trying to use hot water at the same time, the ability for the tankless heater to meet those demands may be limited. Furthermore, these may be space-saving models, but they also may require a more significant up-front investment.

Professional Installation Service
Each homeowner will need to make the decision about which model of water heater to install, and this is a personal decision that may be based on multiple factors. Regardless of the model that is chosen, our team of plumbers can provide fast, friendly and professional installation service. We have experience with all types of installation services for water heaters.

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A water heater is indeed a veritable necessity in homes today. Whether you need to set up a water heater repair or installation service, rest assured that our professionals will deliver fast, quality results. We are committed to helping you with all of your plumbing service needs.

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