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If you are dealing with a drain choke in your Singapore area home, you may be wondering if you should contact a plumber for assistance or attempt to remedy the situation on your own. A drain choke can be problematic for many reasons, and a choke can develop in any of the pipes that carry waste out of the home. Because of this, sinks, toiletbowls, shower basins and tubs can all be affected by a choke. Each type of choke may be caused by different things, so it is important to review each individually.

A Sink Choke
If your home is like most in Singapore, you have several sinks in the bathrooms along with a sink in the kitchen. Sinks in the bathrooms are commonly clogged by a combination of hair accumulation in the drain, soap residue and even grease from your hands. In the kitchen, grease coupled with food waste are common causes of a drain choke. However, all drains throughout the house can also become clogged with foreign items that wash down the drain by mistake. If you noticed the choke develop slowly over time, such as when water drains more slowly out of the sink basin, this is most likely not caused by a foreign object.

A Toiletbowl Choke
There are several different signs that you may notice if you have a toiletbowl drain choke. With some, you may attempt to flush a large amount of debris or waste down the toilet, and the toilet may begin backing up. In some cases, water may even spill out of the bowl and onto the floor. With other chokes, you may notice that the toilet bowl is slower to evacuate when flushed, and you may wonder if it will fully flush away all of the waste. This is a sign of a drain choke that is developing more slowly over time. Both can be caused by an excessive amount of toilet paper or human waste being flushed away as well as by feminine products or other items being flushed down the toilet drain.

A Bathroom Pipe Choke
You also have drains in your shower and bathtub basin. In most cases, a drain choke in this area of the home will develop slowly. These pipes most often will develop a choke due to hair, soap residue and grease being washed down the drain. Over time, these elements may form a hairball that will gradually grow larger over time. You may notice that the water takes a few minutes longer to drain than it used to. With a severe drain choke in this area of the home, you may notice that the water takes hours to fully drain out of the basin.

What You Can Do
Most homeowners would prefer to resolve an issue like a drain choke on their own for a number of reasons. Some may be embarrassed at the thought of having a plumber visit their home and clean away a drain choke in a toilet or shower. Others may simply want to save some money by addressing the drain choke on their own, if possible. A toiletbowl drain choke is most often remedied by a homeowner with a plunger. You may need to plunge the toiletbowl several times in order to see results if the clog is severe. For bathroom and kitchen sink drain chokes as well as shower and tub drain chokes, a snake may be effective. You can straighten out a wire hanger and run the hanger down the drain. This may allow you to pull the clog up or loosen it.

Calling a Plumber
In some cases, home remedies for dealing with a drain choke are highly effective, and they can save you from having to call a plumber for assistance. However, there are times when a clog is too severe or too deep in the pipe for home remedies to work. If a foreign object has become lodged in the pipe, it may be stuck in the pipe. When home remedies are not effective, it is best to contact a Singapore plumber for assistance. A Singapore plumber may provide you with fast results so that you can continue to use your plumbing fixtures as needed.

What a Plumber Can Do
A plumber may take several steps to address a drain choke issue. Depending on the issue, a plumbing professional could use a longer or stronger snake device. Some of these devices are designed to pull a choke up and out of the pipe, and others may be designed to grind up the choke so that it can more easily pass through the pipe and out of the house. In most cases, these methods are highly effective. However, if a foreign object has become lodged in the pipe, such as a children’s toy, it may be necessary to remove a section of the pipe so that the item can be removed.

The Right Plumbing Company
If you have attempted to remedy your drain choke issue on your own without success, you should consider calling a plumbing company for assistance today. Some chokes may prevent you from using your plumbing features until the issue is addressed, and this can be a true inconvenience. However, you don’t want to call just any plumbing company for assistance. Instead, you want to find a company that can arrive at your home promptly and that is known for providing fair rates and fast service. While a drain choke is often not a true plumbing emergency, it can be a true annoyance. Because of this, finding a company that can provide service at night or on weekends may be ideal.

When you notice the first sign of a drain choke, you should attempt to follow standard home remedy steps if you are comfortable doing so. If you are not comfortable with these remedies or if you tried them without success, you can contact a reputable Singapore plumbing service for assistance. The right plumbing company may provide you with service on the same day or the following day to minimize the inconvenience that the drain choke issue is causing.

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