Opening Hours

Need a plumber during the night? No problems our phone lines are open 24 hour. You can call us to schedule for a plumber at anytime.We are able to respond to your plumbing problem from 7am till 11pm in the night.

Is there any price difference?

Servicing charges remains the same till after 10pm. Transport charges differ according to timing. Read more information on transport charges for plumbing services. (this excludes work for water heater, concealed piping and such)

Why the difference?

The transport charges are given to the plumber for working over time. As much as we would like to waive it off, the welfare of our plumbers are important too.

Appointment scheduling:

The last appointment schedule time is 11pm. Thereafter, appointments are scheduled for the next morning. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but it is not possible for us to have plumbers on standby round the clock unless somehow pipes keeps bursting in the middle of the night everyday. However, our appointment lines are still open so do feel free to call us to schedule for a plumber early the next morning.

To schedule for an appointment call us at: 9616 6035

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