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Many residents across Singapore make regular use of their shower. Whether you are the type of person who will shower once a day, twice a day or every other day, you may understand fully how important it is to keep your shower maintained in great condition. The fact is that some repair issues, such as a major shower leak, can result in considerable damage to your home and may render your shower useless until repaired. Other issues, such as a slow drip in the shower, may be annoying. The sound of a regular drip can be enough to keep you awake at night, and a drip can also result in an inflated water bill. If you have noticed any signs of a shower leak in your bathroom, one of the best steps that you can take is to call our office immediately for assistance.

Different Types of Leaks
A shower leak can develop in many locations in the shower stall. For example, the shower head itself may start to leak, or the shower hose may become damaged and develop a leak. If you have a combination stall that features a bathtub and shower together in one unit, the faucet on the bathtub may also develop a leak. A shower leak can range in severity from a very slow drip to a gushing leak. In some cases, you will still be able to use the shower as normal, and the shower leak will only be visible to you when the shower is turned off. In other cases, such as with a large shower leak, the repair work may need to be completed before the shower can be used as usual again.


Can You Fix the Leak Yourself?
If you have discovered a shower leak in your home, you may be wondering if you can repair the leak on your own. Some homeowners do take a do-it-yourself approach to maintaining their home, and they may feel comfortable making the repairs for a shower leak on their own. However, you should consider factors like if you have the right tools on hand to complete the work, if you need to order replacement parts and if you understand the repair process that will yield the best results. Some homeowners believe that they may save time and money by making the repair to a shower leak on their own.However, after they factor in the cost of tools, equipment and parts needed to make the repair, they may find it more cost effective and faster to use the services of a professional plumber. If time is of the essence and parts need to be special ordered, working with a plumbing company to repair a shower leak may be the best solution. This is because a reputable plumbing company in Singapore will have the parts needed for most repair services in stock and ready to use immediately.Some common parts that you will find giving you problems in your shower includes:


Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Call for Assistance
It is important to understand the negative effects that a shower leak can have on you and your home. Any leak regardless of size will result in wasted water, and this will result in an inflated water bill. The more intense the leak or the longer the leak continues on without being repaired, the more money you will pay on your water bill. In addition, some leaks may result in property damage. For example, if a water leak is causing the drywall to get wet, damage to the drywall may result in the need to pay for property repairs. Because of these negative effects of a shower leak, it is important to choose the method of repair that will result in the fastest and highest quality results. For most homeowners, the best solution is to turn to our company for professional leak repair services.

An Alternative to a Repair Service
Depending on the location of your shower leak, you may pause and spend a moment thinking about the alternatives available to you when need to make a repair. A repair may be suitable in some cases, but it also may provide you with the opportunity to make an upgrade. For example, if a leak has developed with your shower head and you have been thinking about installing a low-flow shower head to reduce water consumption, this may be the ideal time to do so. Another example may be if you want to replace the stationary shower head pipe with a flexible hose, a leak may present you with the opportunity to do so. There are many reasons why you may choose to make a replacement or upgrade to your shower. Rather than pay for a repair service, you can schedule a replacement or installation service with our plumbing team. This is a great way to overcome your current repair issues while also making the upgrades that you have been thinking about making in your home.

The Right Plumbing Company to Assist You
For most homeowners who are faced with a shower leak in their home, calling a plumbing company in Singapore for assistance is the best solution. Some may decide to complete the repair work, and others may decide to make an upgrade. All may benefit from using professional plumbing services for their needs. When you are searching for the right company to turn to for your needs, consider the overall reputation of the company and their ability to arrive at your home to provide service immediately. The best company is one that will provide fast service with great results.

If you have discovered a shower leak in your home, one of the best steps that you can take right now is to schedule service with our company. Our Singapore plumbers have been working hard to satisfy the many needs of our valued clients over the years, and we have the skills and expertise necessary to help you with your current challenges. Call our office today to discuss how we can repair your shower leak, and we can set up a service call with you at a time that is most convenient for you.

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