Water Heater Leak

If you believe that you may have a hot water heater leak in your home, there is no time to waste. Even a small leak can result in considerable damage to your home as well as the additional cost of wasted water and energy. These are all consequences that you do not want to contend with, and calling a plumber at the first sign of a suspected leak can help you to minimize their effects on your home and your wallet. Our plumbers are available to assist you with the diagnose and repair of a hot water heater leak without delay.

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Do You Have a Leak in your heater?
In some cases, it is undeniable that you have a hot water heater leak in your home. Some leaks are significant in size or severity, and you may quickly notice water gushing out of the hot water heater as soon as the leak forms. However, in other cases, the leak may be slow and more difficult to spot. In fact, a very slow leak may create only a moist area on the hot water heater or on the drywall or other surfaces near the hot water heater. Even these slow leaks can be damaging to your home. They may go undetected for a while, and this may result in considerable water damage and even mold growth in your home. Diagnosing the presence of a leak as soon as you have a suspicion is critical regardless of the size of the heater leak.

The Diagnostic Process
If you have a major heater leak in your hot water heater, you may not need to call a plumber to determine if you need service. Instead, you may simply turn off the water supply to the home, call a plumber for service and wait for help to arrive. However, slower leaks may be more difficult to diagnose. With some systems, a suspected heater leak may actually be condensation on the hot water heater. A professional diagnosis through a plumber’s inspection can be revealing. A plumber may use different techniques to determine if you have a heater leak in your home, and the techniques used may be dependent on the model of heater you have as well as the location of the suspected leak. Identifying the location of the leak is an important first step to take in the repair process, and a plumber can assist you with this process.

Do You Need a Repair or Replacement?
Once you have been told by a plumber that you are dealing with a water heater leak and need to have the unit serviced, you may consider if you need a repair or a replacement. With older models of hot water heaters, it may be advisable to replace the system rather than to repair it. This is because a newer model may be under warranty, may be more energy efficient and may be less likely to require additional repair work in the near future. While the cost of a new system may be more significant than the cost of the current repairs, there may be a long-term benefit to replacing an outdated system with a new model. When you call a plumber for a heater leak service, the plumber can provide you with more information about your options.

If you believe that you are dealing with a hot water heater leak in your home or you know without a doubt that your heater is broken and needs service, the best step that you can take is to call our plumbing company for assistance immediately. The longer the leak is present without being repaired, the more water waste and potential damage may be done to your home. By calling our office now to set up an appointment, you can easily obtain the service that you need without delay.

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