Shower mixer leak repair and replacement


If you believe that you need to schedule shower mixer repair service in your home, you are not alone. The purpose of a shower mixer is to allow you to easily and quickly blend cold water and hot water to create the ideal temperature of water in the shower. These common bathroom features are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional in their operation. There are numerous styles of mixers that are found in homes across Singapore to accommodate different decorative preferences. We are a Singapore plumbing company that can provide you with fast, skillful service for shower mixer repair.

Is Your Shower Mixer Broken?
The need for shower mixer repair service is evident in some cases and may be more complicated to diagnose in others. For example, you may notice that the mixer has a slow leak sprouting from one of the open crevices in the handle or knob. This may indicate that a leak inside the mixer has developed and needs to be repaired. Shower mixer repair may also be needed if the handle becomes loose or squeaky. In some cases, you may find that the hot or cold water is not accessible when you adjust the knob. Only hot water or only cold water may come from the mixer. These are all signs that you need to schedule shower mixer repair service in your home with a reputable plumbing company.

Making a Repair to Your Mixer
If you have noticed signs that your shower knob is in need of repair, one of best options available is to schedule shower mixer repair service with our plumbers. Some homeowners may attempt to make a shower mixer repair on their own, but this process often requires more skill and expertise than many believe it will require. Until the repair is made accurately, your ability to access water or to adjust water to the preferred temperature may be impaired. If your mixer has a leak, you may be dealing with unnecessary water waste or may even risk the possibility of water damage to certain areas of your home if the repair is not completed quickly and accurately. When you contact a professional plumber for assistance, you will receive a competitive quote for service coupled with fast repair service that resolves the issue without delay.

Replacing the Shower Mixer
In some cases, a homeowner may prefer to replace a mixer rather than schedule shower mixer repair. Homeowners may have had the intention of making an upgrade to the bathroom features in the near future, and a broken mixer provides the perfect opportunity to make the upgrade now. While a plumber can provide a replacement mixer for you, you can also pick out your mixer and other faucets and features that you would like to install in your home before the plumber arrives. Then, the plumber can assist you with the installation of these features in one or all of your bathrooms. This is a convenient way to make an upgrade to your bathrooms with ease.

Whether you believe that you need to schedule shower mixer repair service in your home or you are not sure why your shower is not functioning properly, one call to our office for plumbing repair services can resolve the issue. Our professional plumbers will travel to your home to quickly diagnose the issue and to provide you with a competitive quote for the repair work that needs to be done. Whether you need shower mixer repair or other types of shower leak repair services, count on our team of professional plumbers to deliver the desired results without delay.

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