Pipe Choke

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Throughout your home, there are pipes that are designed to deliver fresh, clean water to you through faucets and taps, and there are other pipes that carry away wastewater from the tub or shower drain, sink drain and toilet. A pipe choke generally will occur in a pipe that carries wastewater away from the home because this will carry debris coupled with water. Debris may include strands of hair, grease, soap residue, toilet paper and other related items. If you are dealing with a pipe choke in your Singapore area home, you will want to learn how to best remedy the issue.

Preventing Water Damage
In some cases, a pipe choke may cause water to spill out of the tub, sink or toilet. Because it prevents water from flowing out of the home, the water may become backed up. In order to prevent water damage that may occur in these cases, it is important to stop the flow of water if possible. You can turn off the main valve to the whole house, or you can turn off the individual control valve to the specific toilet or sink that is affected. If water is on the floor or on other areas, it is important to use a towel or mop to dry the area thoroughly. This should be done before you attempt to fix the choke.

Different Home Remedies
There are several different remedies that you can try on your own to fix your pipe choke. A plunger is often effective at removing a minor drain choke from a toilet, and it also can be used to remove a minor pipe choke from a sink drain. It can apply enough pressure to the clog to force it through the drain or to loosen it so that it can be washed away. A snake device can be used to either loosen a clog or to pull it away. These devices can be made at home by simply unfolding a wire clothes hanger. They are effective at removing a hairball from a sink or dislodging debris that may be stuck in a toilet bowl drain.

Professional Services
A pipe choke may be relatively close to the sink drain and easy to remove on your own, or it may be easily remedied by using a plunger for a minute or two. However, some chokes are more significant in terms of severity, or they may be located farther down the pipe’s drain where they cannot be reached with basic equipment. A plumber can visit your home to address the pipe choke issue. A pipe choke can easily be removed by a plumber. While a plumber generally can remove a choke with a snake or other device, keep in mind that a plumber can also remove an object causing a pipe choke that you want to retrieve. For example, if you accidently flushed your cell phone or another important item down the toilet, a plumber may be able to retrieve this for you.

It is important to address a pipe choke issue quickly. Because a pipe choke can cause water damage in the home in some cases, water control is always a first priority. If water is not leaking onto the floor, you can then begin to address the issue on your own with a homemade snake device or a plunger. While these efforts may work from some people, others will require professional plumbing services. Keep in mind that fast service is important for fixing a pipe choke. Until the issue is addressed, you may not be able to use your sink, tub, toilet or other feature. If professional assistance is needed, contact a plumber today.

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