Converting Squatting Toilet Bowl to Sitting WC

We provide conversion of Squatting toilet bowl to sitting toilet bowl island-wide in Singapore. While most older estate in Singapore are still using the squatting toilet bowl, our customers have been requesting for a change to sitting toilet bowl usually due to preference or for comfort reason especially if there is an elderly personal living in the home. The price of replacing the toilet bowl from squatting to sitting starts from $450 (includes WC). There are 2 methods to doing such replacement. The methods are either overlaying which does not require hacking of the tiles and re hacking.

FAQ For Toilet bowl Conversion:

How long does the work take?
The time taken can range from 1/2 a day to 1-2 day usually depending on the whole job scope.

How do i know how much is the exact cost?
The main variation in the cost would be hacking work and the toilet bowl model (which can be affected by the space constraint).

Which brand of toilet bowl would i be supplied with?
We are using our in house brand TREO which is being used for some HDB projects as well.

What should i expect out of the whole process?
The first thing of concern would be the price usually. To give an exact and accurate quote, we would conduct a on site inspection at $20 for the transport. From there, the technician can advise you on what is to be done and show you the brochures for the various toilet bowls which is suitable to be installed in your home. Booking time for appointment is from 9am – 8pm and a advance notice of 2 hours is sufficient for us to arrange.

For more information on toilet bowl repair or replacement services, you can call us at: 9616 6035.

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